11 thoughts on “HELP & TUTORIALS

  1. Enjoy your post very much. I need some help to find a yarn for the cupcake compatiable to the yarns stated in the instuctions. What type of yarn to I purchase her in the USA. Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Kathryn. So glad to hear you enjoy my posts! For the pink yarn, I used 10 ply yarn which is equivalent to Worsted weight yarn. For the rest I used 8 ply yarn which is equivalent to Light Worsted weight yarn.


  2. Thanks so much for your immediate reply and the suggestion for weight of yarn. Looking forward to starting the cupcakes.😊

  3. Hi there, Can you please let me know what brand of yarn do you use the most and where do u buy it. I am starting to crochet and have no idea… any advise will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hello… I use acrylic and cotton but mostly acrylic. I use a brand called Carnival Yarns and Panda for acrylic yarn and Patons for cotton yarn. I’m from Australia and they are widely available in craft and specialty knitting, sewing and craft stores here. I don’t know if those brands are available elsewhere. You can try Red Heart Yarn and Lionbrand Yarn – they are good brands.

      I recommend using acrylic to begin with – they are easy to work with and affordable.

  4. Hi there,
    I am trying to make a harvey hippo following your pattern. Everything was easy to follow as a beginner except mouth part. I need a help in starting first round. Can’t figure out how you start with 9 chain and end up with 16 stichs. Is there any way you could help me on this part?

    Thank you,

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