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Zoomigurumi 8


I’m so happy to announce that Zoomigurumi 8 is now available in pre-sale at! 15 cute amigurumi animal patterns from 13 designers from all over the world! Pre-sale will run until 30 January 2019.  Grab your copy today and you can start crocheting these cuties right away!

The book has a pattern for a cute little turtle, named Benjamin who loves cooking, designed by Airali Design. A hard working farmer goat named Weston, a design by YOUnique Crafts. Cody the Crocodile, a real worrywart by Sundot Attack. A raccoon with a big personality named Stormy designed by Zipzipdreams. Just to name a few!

I designed Simeon the Meerkat in this collection and it’s always exciting to be part of another great group of adorable animals! It’s always fun to design animals and give them fun, quirky characters. In this case, Simeon is a friendly little meerkat who found a ball of yarn in the dessert and quickly learned to crochet. He made himself a sweater and likes showing it off to his friends!  I mean, we’re all proud of the items we crochet.  I can totally relate to Simeon 😀

Order your copy (paperback, PDF or packages) of Zoomigurumi 8 today here. Pre-sale will run until 30 January 2019. Make sure to use the hashtag #zoomigurumi8 so we can see your wonderful zoomi creation!

Happy crocheting!



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