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KC Koala and Finn McFox Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

I love to crochet. I really do. Especially amigurumi. I love seeing my children’s eyes light up when they see my finished creation. Whether its play food donut, ice cream or fruits, they always have fun with it.  What I like making the most these days are amigurumi animals.  My kids are usually the ones who tell me what animal I should crochet next.  They also help me in naming them.


Which animal do you most associate with Australia?  For me, it’s always the koala. Meet KC Koala.  Don’t you just want to give him a cuddle? He sure loves those eucalyptus leaves. My little girl thought it would be fun to make a koala and how fitting since tomorrow, Tuesday, 26th January is Australia Day.


Here is work in progress KC.  At first I wasn’t sure if I should add that white under the chin but it looked good and I left it there.  I also knew there has to be eucalyptus leaves somewhere on him but I couldn’t decide if I should stitch some behind the white mark under the nose.  It looked rather strange so I left the leaves on his right paw.  It looks like he’s holding some leaves,  ready to eat them.


While stitching KC together, I decided to research some facts about koalas.  Did you know that they don’t have a tail? Well, they don’t have an external tail.  Now that I didn’t know but I still decided to leave the tail on him because it looks cute.


Australia Day is on Tuesday 26th January 2016. You can celebrate Australia Day too and crochet your very own koala.  This pattern is now available to download on Etsy.

KC was made using 100% Acrylic 8 Ply Yarn.  He measures about 25cm (10 inches) from top to bottom.


Late last year I crocheted a lovely little fox which my little girl named Finn McFox. I had so much fun crafting this little guy. He just looks so innocent and adorable.

At first I wanted to have the legs stitched separately and not to be joined to the torso but I really like the seamless look of the legs and torso together so I opted to have the legs and torso joined.  It also makes for less stitching when putting his pieces together.


Before I started work on Finn I did a quick sketch of him and had my little girl colour him in.  It looks almost the same.  Almost. Haha! His ears didn’t quite work out the same. I was also not happy with the look of the tail so I re-worked it and made it a little more pointy at the end.

Finn was made using 100% Soft Acrylic 8 Ply Yarn and measures about 35cm (14 inches) from top to bottom.


I had planned to have his pattern available before Christmas but unfortunately I had a medical emergency. I was experiencing severe pains in my abdomen for several weeks and I was in a lot of agony which caused me to have little to no sleep for several days at a time. I eventually went to the hospital and had an emergency surgery which saw me in bed, with very limited movement for a couple of weeks.  Thankfully it was nothing too serious and I recovered quickly. Then Christmas and other projects came about. It was a frantic and busy end to the year for myself and my family.

The start of this new year has been fantastic so far!


Both patterns for the koala and the fox are now available to download at my Etsy store. Click here to download the patterns.

The patterns are suitable for those with basic to intermediate crochet skills.  The patterns are easy to follow with photos for reference, and of course, if you run into trouble, you can email me for assistance.

Happy crocheting! I hope you have fun creating these two cuties!





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  1. These are so precious! I MUST make at least a KC for my sweet granddaughter! I just LOVE kOALAS! and though I know they (the real ones) are not snuggly….they sure do look snuggly, don’t they?

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