Mini Crochet Bow Hair Clip
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How to make a Mini Crocheted Bow Hair Clip

Hi all! A few months ago I made several crocheted mini bows for my little girl and we turned them into hair clips.  Hair clips are great to get those stray bangs and fringes out of  their eyes but they would look better if they had cute little bows on them!

If you have any plain hair clips laying about at home, why not dress them up with cute little bows. Plain hair clips are inexpensive and can be purchased in craft stores and dollar stores.


The bow clip is very easy to make. You need:

1 x 8ply (US Light Worsted  UK DK) cotton yarn in your choice of colour
3.5mm (US E/4  UK 9) crochet hook
Plain hair clips
Yarn needle
Hot glue gun

Follow below steps to make your own crocheted bow hair clip.

**EDIT 08/03/2016** If you have trouble seeing the below images, click here for pdf version of the tutorial >>> HOW TO MAKE A MINI CROCHETED BOW HAIR CLIP















Now repeat the above steps to create more bows in a variety of colours.  They would make a fantastic gift for little girls who love pretty bows and hair clips.



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33 thoughts on “How to make a Mini Crocheted Bow Hair Clip”

  1. I was super excited to hear your pattern but once i got the the page all my tablet says over and over is image, image image. I am blind and have to utilize a screen reader and unfortunately it can not read what is inside of an image. Would you be able to put the pattern up in text or share a link where it is available in text? Thank you so much for your help 😊

    1. Hi there! Oh dear, that’s no good. Thank you for letting me know. I can see and read the texts fine on my iPad and iPhone. It’s a step by step tutorial on how to make the bow clip so there’s texts over images. What I’ll do, I will make a pdf version of the tutorial and have it available as a link on the post. I will let you know when it is available.


    2. Post has now been edited – there should be a link to a pdf tutorial. Hopefully your tablet is able to read it. If not, this is the pattern for the bow:

      Chain 4.
      Work 4 triple crochet stitches into the 1st ch.
      Chain 4. Slip stitch to the 1st ch made at the very beginning (same space where the 4 triple crochet stitches were worked into).
      Chain 4 and work 4 triple crochet stitches again into the same space the other triple crochet stitches were worked into.
      Chain 4 again and slip stitch one last time into the 1st ch made at the very beginning (same space where all the triple crochet stitches were worked into).

      Fasten off and leave a long tail.
      Wrap the long tail around the centre of the bow about 6-7 times. Secure the tail ends at the back of the bow with a tight knot. Hide the tails and snip off excess yarn. Glue the bow onto the top of the hair clip using hot glue gun – hold for a few seconds, being careful as it gets hot.

      That’s it! Hope that helped a little bit. 🙂


      1. Thank you so much. The link will not work from my tablet but k wil, definetly try it on my desk top computer when i get home later. Thank you for providing the pattern in the commemts in case it doesn”t!

      2. This is a cute little bow. I will be making a bunch to hide in Easter eggs. One change that I made was to the tail. I chained the tail 20 chains and fastened off leaving a short tail at the bottom of the chained tail. I than wrapped around bow until I was out of chains. I than used the yarn needle to tie in a knot on the backside and hid the tail with the yarn needle. To me chaining the tail added to a more finished look. I would have never thought about making a bow so easily had it not been for your pattern. Thank You for sharing it.

  2. I love any little simple patterns for my girls or any little one. I love crochet. I’lltry anything. Thanks very much.

  3. Hi I love this simple but cute pattern. Sadly I end up with 3 stitches instead of 3 after taking of the first 1 stitch? Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    1. I’ve made about twenty of these this afternoon and I agree with Toscha. I make as directed but add only five more chains at the end. I bring the chains around the front and to the back where I pulled the beginning end through the last chain off my hook and tie off. I like it much better than winding any of it around the middle. It looks real neat and clean. I have added gems to the center on some of them for interest. Thanks for sharing this craft idea. Can’t wait to see them in my grand daughters’ hair!!

  4. Thanks for this easy simple cute pattern!!!! I had already bought the hair clips hoping to make some kind of flower or bow on them to put the finished clips in my shoe boxes for this years OCC’S boxes. I can just see these cute clips in little girls hair!!!!

  5. I just love this pattern. It is so easy. I finished it off a little different though. Instead of using the glue, I opened up the clip and did the wrapping ( to finish it off) around the clip, so I didn’t have to use the glue. It might be more secure for my Grandbaby who is only one year old and likes to pull her pretties out. I will be making her some in every color. Thank you!

  6. I am new to crochet. These were super easy to make. I wish I could attach a pic.

  7. Just made this little bow. Going to put them in the mini Easter basket s. So pretty. Going to try flowers next. Thank you

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