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Gilbert the Goat Amigurumi Pattern

I often get confused by the sounds a sheep and a goat make so my daughter would remind me that sheep goes baaah and goats go meeeh. Ah, what would I do without my kids? Of course there's also google 🙂 I also recently found out that the sound they make is called a bleat.… Continue reading Gilbert the Goat Amigurumi Pattern

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Sleepy Coby Amigurumi Pattern

Meet Coby! He's had a busy play day and now he's ready to get some sleep! He's brushed his teeth, put on his jammies and bounced onto his bed! Uh oh... something's wrong... Coby's tossing and turning in his bed. It seems he can't sleep. I wonder what's wrong? "Are you hungry, Coby?" "No." "Thirsty?"… Continue reading Sleepy Coby Amigurumi Pattern

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Ami Along – Circuit the Little Robot

Hello my fellow crocheters and amigurumists! Happy New Year! I hope you've all had a fantastic festive season and a great start to the new year. I'm so excited to be featured as the designer for this month's Ami Along over at Amigurumipatterns! Circuit is the ami along pattern for the month of January. Meet… Continue reading Ami Along – Circuit the Little Robot

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Prehistoric Times Design Contest – Vote for my Design

It's that time of year again when Amigurumipatterns hold their annual design contest.  This year's theme is Prehistoric times.  As always, what a fantastic theme! Over 500 designs were submitted and now it's time to cast your votes! My entry this year is Iggy the Baby Iguanodon. I had so much fun designing this cute… Continue reading Prehistoric Times Design Contest – Vote for my Design

Owie the Voodoo Doll
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Owie the Voodoo Doll – Free Amigurumi Pattern

Halloween is just around the corner which means spooky bits and bobs are out and about! While we’re not big on Halloween here, I thought I’d also get into the spooky crafting spirit - no pun intended 😛 . Anyway, meet Owie, the Voodoo Doll pin cushion! Isn’t he adorable? I know, too cute that… Continue reading Owie the Voodoo Doll – Free Amigurumi Pattern

Kangaroo and Joey Amigurumi Pattern
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Mama Jill and Little Joey – Kangaroo Amigurumi

Hi everyone! We are in our last month of winter here and it is still very cold, especially in the mornings. Not only was it cold today, it was very windy. I quite love winter but I'm actually looking forward to spring these days, just for a small hint of warmth. Although spring here usually… Continue reading Mama Jill and Little Joey – Kangaroo Amigurumi

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Boo the Panda

Meet Boo the Panda! A happy and playful panda cub who's named after his favourite food.... bamboos of course! Panda's were on my to do list for a long time, since learning how to crochet. Also one of the animals my children have been asking me to do 🙂 I'm so happy to finally release… Continue reading Boo the Panda