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Forrest the Frog and Mushroom

First post of 2021! Hope you all had a wonderful break/vacation. My kids are back to school which means I can also get back to more amigurumi designing. Although, I actually get inspired by a lot of their ideas. Like these two.

Meet Forrest, a little green frog with a heart of gold and Mushroom, a shy, forgiving and caring mushroom. I wrote a short little story about friendship. I hope you like it!

The rain was pouring heavily in Leap Town and Forrest the Frog was looking for a place to rest after leaping all day from leaf to leaf and plant to plant.

“Oh, I’m so tired, I need to rest my legs and get out of this rain.” Looking around, Forrest found the perfect mushroom to rest under. “There’s a lone mushroom over there”, said Forrest. “It looks perfect. I hope it doesn’t mind I rest under its cap, even for just a little bit”.

The mushroom can see a tiny frog leaping towards it. As the frog inches closer, Mushroom started feeling apprehensive, but before long, the frog was already leaning on its stem, fast asleep.

“Noooo! What do I do?” muttered the mushroom. Mushroom was surprised as no one has rested next to it or approached it in so many years. It had been teased by the other fungi for having weird spots and an odd shape. “I’m sure this little green frog will also make fun of me.”

Several hours passed and the rain had stopped. Forrest finally wakes up from his nap.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Now I ask you kindly to please hurry up and leave”, said Mushroom.

“Okay I’ll leave, but first I want to thank you for letting me rest here,” said a grateful Forrest. “May I ask though, why do you want to get rid of me so quickly?”

“Well,” the mushroom began, “I’m sure as you can see from my odd appearance and horrid spots, you’d want to turn away. The others do. They always make fun of me. No one wants to be around me.” Mushroom dipped his cap gloomily.

Forrest looked up at Mushroom, with confidence he said “I want to be around you. Don’t worry about the others. They don’t know what they’re talking about!”

“Huh?” asked a confused mushroom.

“I think your spots are magnificent. They’re different but that’s what makes you, you. You gave me comfort and shelter from the rain when I needed it and for that I’m grateful”. Forrest leaps around and points to the distance. He continued, “I think those other Fungi are missing out. And look, I also have uneven spots.” Forrest spins around to show mushroom his spots.

“You’re so kind frog. What’s your name? What do I call you?”

“My name’s Forrest, but you can call me friend.”

Over the years, Forrest became a little taller and could no longer fit under mushroom’s cap but mushroom would always be there for Forrest to lean on, no matter what, when or where. The two became the best of friends and learned the invaluable lesson of friendship.

Pattern is now available on Etsy.

I was inspired to make these two after a cute drawing my daughter did of a toadstool and a little green frog with stubby legs. I’ve wanted to make a green frog for quite some time but I was stuck on a design. Thankful for my daughter’s drawing 🙂

I wanted to write a quick short story about acceptance and friendship because these two little characters seem to go well together. Credit to my hubby for the idea!

You can start making Forrest and Mushroom today. The pattern is now available on, Etsy and soon on LoveCrafts and I will update my Patterns page as soon as they become available in my other web stores.

Don’t forget, you can post a picture of your finished amigurumis on Instagram with #helloyellowyarn (or you can tag me @maryjcarlos) or post on my Facebook page. I would love to see it!

Happy crocheting and stay safe!

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