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Gilbert the Goat Amigurumi Pattern

I often get confused by the sounds a sheep and a goat make so my daughter would remind me that sheep goes baaah and goats go meeeh. Ah, what would I do without my kids? Of course there's also google 🙂 I also recently found out that the sound they make is called a bleat.… Continue reading Gilbert the Goat Amigurumi Pattern

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Sleepy Coby Amigurumi Pattern

Meet Coby! He's had a busy play day and now he's ready to get some sleep! He's brushed his teeth, put on his jammies and bounced onto his bed! Uh oh... something's wrong... Coby's tossing and turning in his bed. It seems he can't sleep. I wonder what's wrong? "Are you hungry, Coby?" "No." "Thirsty?"… Continue reading Sleepy Coby Amigurumi Pattern