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Charmy the Unicorn Amigurumi Pattern

Charmy gazes up at the night sky, counting stars, dreaming, wishing and hoping. Will tomorrow be delightful? Will it be cheerful? Or will it be filled with happy smiles and dancing feet? 

Charmy calmly whispers to the shimmering sky, “whatever the weather may be tomorrow, I look at each of you my dear stars, how you shine so bright, may you bring forth good charms to those who need it.  May you bring an abundance of joy, laughter and strength to those around you”.

“When the days are quiet, I’ll always be cheering for you. I’ll send rainbows on rainy days and if it’s dark, look up to see your stars”.

Introducing Charmy the Unicorn! She’s a magical and loveable character that will always remind you to keep smiling and to always look on the bright side. I wanted to create a character that was always looking up and had an innocence about them and unicorns have a magical, positive and sometimes healing symbolic meaning to them.

Charmy’s pattern is now available on Etsy, LoveCrafts and Amigurumipatterns.

I named her Charmy to give off a charming, enchanting and magical presence. Charmy’s character looks up at the stars in the sky. A star represents someone who may need guidance, someone who may be a little troubled, feeling hopeless or distressed. Charmy would look at each star and she would turn them into hope and positivity, a brighter outlook.

With the pandemic and current world events, it’s quite a difficult time to stay positive and for some, this can be tough to deal with. Especially with social distancing – it can take a toll on our emotional well being. Normalcy will likely return soon but maybe not quite soon enough. I wanted to create a “Charm of Hope” or something like that 🙂 A hopeful and bright future to look forward to. A little reminder for us that it’s alright, it will be alright. It just takes time, maybe longer for others.

I do hope that Charmy brings lots of love and smiles to many! She is probably my favourite amigurumi so far.

The pattern is now available in my webstores, Etsy, LoveCrafts and Amigurumipatterns. You can start making Charmy today.

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Happy crocheting and stay safe!

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