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Little Monster Friends – Halloween Pattern

Halloween is around the corner and I’m proud to bring you four adorable little monster friends to create this halloween – Luna Kitty Cat, Brian B. Brain, Tommy the Little Mummy and Little Vinnie Dracula. Each little monster friend has a cute little story to share. The patterns are now available to purchase from Etsy and LoveCrafts.

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Introducing Luna Kitty Cat. A mysterious cat was found on the moon by a group of astronauts during the lunar mission back in 1969. They named the cat “Luna”. Little do the astronauts know, Luna is a magical cat. Luna has a cloaking ability and can disappear whenever she’s feeling shy. However, she is also very helpful as she has a healing ability. Luna can sense when a human isn’t feeling too well which makes her quite sad so she cheers herself up by casting her healing abilities on the human.

Luna’s pattern is available from Etsy and LoveCrafts.

Meet Brian B. Brain, the not so “brainiac” of the monster friend group. Brian has a soft spot for slushies. Unfortunately it always gives him brain freeze. While experimenting with methods of avoiding brain freeze, Brian had a mishap with liquid nitrogen which left him losing his hand and exposing his brain! Fortunately Brian survived and he nows serves as a lesson to his friends to never mess about with dangerous chemicals!

Brian B. Brain’s pattern is now available from Etsy and LoveCrafts.

This little guy is Tommy the Little Mummy. Now, Tommy is an excellent wrapper. He is the chosen sushi wrapper at his school and his sushi rolls are always a hit. Tommy’s favourite music genre is rap. Not only is he an excellent wrapper, he is also an excellent rapper! He’s the life of the party and will often rap to his favourite tunes at the monster bash.

Tommy the Little Mummy’s pattern is available from Etsy and LoveCrafts.

Little Vinnie Dracula is a cheeky but charming one. He wants to make his dad Count Dracula proud but he doesn’t want to bite anyone, especially not his friends. Vinnie is also very squeamish of blood. He likes playing tricks on his dad by rubbing ketchup on his fangs! Told ya, he’s a cheeky one 🙂

Little Vinnie Dracula’s pattern is available from Etsy and LoveCrafts.

Don’t forget, by purchasing all 4 patterns in a single transaction over at Etsy, enter coupon code 3PLUSBUNDLE at the checkout to receive 15% OFF.

I’d love to see your finished Little Monster Friends – share your finished little monsters on Instagram with #helloyellowyarn (or you can tag me @maryjcarlos) or post on my Facebook page. I would love to see them!

Happy crocheting and stay safe!

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