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Mr. Timothy Badger Amigurumi Pattern

“Mr. Timothy Badger
is looking quite dapper
in his favourite warm sweater.

With a hat on his head,
a scarf around his neck,
he makes his way out of his sett.

He crawls around carefully,
foraging so stealthily,
gathering leaves from tree to tree.

Oh my, these are perfect!
He inspects his great harvest,
and makes his way back to his sett!”

Mr. Timothy Badger Amigurumi Pattern

Mr. Timothy Badger’s pattern is now finished and available to purchase from Etsy and LoveCrafts. He looks like he’s ready for more adventures!

It took me a little longer than expected to release his pattern as I was wrestling with the size of his head and body. I wanted to give him a cartoonish large head but I felt it will look rather disproportioned. Badgers have a small head and a long wide body so I decided to give him a long body but not such a big cartoonish head. His hat, although very simple also took some time designing. I wanted to give him a newsboy hat but it was such a struggle to get the right size! In the end, we got there 🙂

Oftentimes I do a little research on the animal I’m designing. It’s a way for me to sketch how they’ll end up looking and it’s also a good way to learn more about the animal, for example their habitat. While researching badgers, I learned that their homes are called “setts”. They’re small underground homes (some are connected to other setts) and can also be centuries old! I also learned that badgers are very neat creatures. They don’t normally like to bring food into their dens and while on the topic of neat, they’ll also build latrines in another part of their sett or outside, so they don’t make a mess in their homes!

You can start making Mr. Timothy Badger today. The pattern is now available in my webstores: Etsy and LoveCrafts.

I’d love to see your finished Mr. Timothy Badger – post a picture on Instagram with #helloyellowyarn (or you can tag me @maryjcarlos) or post on my Facebook page.

Happy crocheting!


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