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Chester the Squirrel Amigurumi Pattern

Meet Chester the Squirrel! He’s a little squirrel with an appetite for a big acorn! Chester’s the newest addition to the Hello Yellow Yarn amigurumi family and his pattern is now available from Etsy, LoveCrafts and soon

I had a lot of fun designing this little guy and I hope you enjoy making him too!

As always, I couldn’t help myself, I had to write a short story about this cute creature :). I think I just really like the fact that stories give stuffed toys their characteristics and it’s almost like they come alive. It’s great for children’s imagination. Great for my imagination too!

Chester is the shortest squirrel in his family. Every morning he would always find the smallest, the tiniest, the most itty-bitty little acorn sitting on his plate. Looking around the table, he found his big brother and dad eating the biggest acorn he ever did see!

“One day, I will have the biggest acorn and I will show everybody that just because I’m small doesn’t mean I can’t have the biggest and most nutritious acorn of all!” Chester thought to himself.

The next morning, Chester woke up very early to forage for the biggest acorn he could find. Outside in the distance, he saw a big stalk sticking out from under a pile of fallen leaves.

“Could it be?” wondered Chester. He approached the stalk and pulled it from under his feet. It was a little tricky and rather heavy. He tugged hard and WHOOSH! All the leaves scattered everywhere, and there in front of Chester was the biggest, the largest, the most humongous acorn he ever did see!

I like to make sure that there’s a positive message to the story. I do love a happy ending 🙂

Forrest the Frog and Mushroom. Pattern available from Etsy, LoveCrafts and

I was inspired to make another woodland animal after designing Forrest the Frog and Mushroom. I’d like to make more woodland animals. Perhaps a raccoon next time. There’s something about woodland animals that are quite magical and fairy tale like.

You can start making Chester today. Get his pattern from Etsy, LoveCrafts and soon

Don’t forget, you can post a picture of your finished Chester on Instagram with #helloyellowyarn (or you can tag me @maryjcarlos) or post on my Facebook page. I would love to see it!

Happy crocheting and stay safe!

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