Elephant and Piggy Patterns – Work in Progress

I’m always looking forward to starting a new crochet project and one thing I really like to work on is making amigurumi animals. I think they’re really adorable and children love them. Be it a bunny, a cat or a teddy bear.


I’m currently working on this elephant and he’s coming along really nicely.  He’s all stitched together and very huggable. Just need to add some more details to give him character. Funnily enough, when I was putting him together, my son and I were watching Babar and the Adventures of Badou on the telly!


Here are some progress shots.  I struggled with shaping  the body at first. The first version didn’t have enough rounds and his body just ended up being too round. Second version, there were too many decreases in each round close to the opening that it didn’t look in proportion anymore.  It looked like an egg.  The third version, which is the final version was the best one. Perfect shape, not too big or too small. A bit like a large, plump eggplant and that gave him a nice round belly. Third time’s the charm I guess.


His ears are kind of cute don’t you think? They’re not too big. His trunk is not quite pointing down or up but is slightly curved at the end.

I like to pin the pieces in place before I start stitching them together so I can get an idea of what the final product will look like. So far so good.

Now this little guy doesn’t have a name yet.  I might take some suggestions once he’s all done.


Another amigurumi animal that I’m working on is Hamilton Muddy Piggy. He is a little piggy with a mud patch on his belly. My little girl suggested that I put the mud patch on him. I posted progress photos and a final picture of him on Instagram a while back and now his pattern is ready.  Well almost ready.



I’ve actually finished writing up his pattern – just requires proof reading. He too is adorable and very huggable.


I should have the patterns available early next week.  Until next time, have an awesome weekend!



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3 thoughts on “Elephant and Piggy Patterns – Work in Progress”

  1. I love your crotchet patterns. I think your elephant should be named ‘Holiday’ as his trunk is packed. Look forward to more great projects. Thanks

  2. Thank you for the pattern of little baskets, have been looking for one for quite some time this is just what I needed and so cute

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