New Book! Dinosaurs, Mammoths and More Prehistoric Amigurumi

Introducing the newest book from Dinosaurs, Mammoths and More Prehistoric Amigurumi! A collection of 14 adorable amigurumi patterns from the past. Now in pre-sale!

Grab your hook and unearth loveable prehistoric creatures, cavegirl and caveboy, big and small by various designers from around the globe. You can find my pattern for Iggy the Baby Iguanodon in this collection. Iggy is so excited to be a part of this book, he jumped out of his shell to be with his dino buddies!

Get your hook at the ready and bring them back to life with this selection of unique and inspiring patterns! Order your copy (paperback, pdf or packages) from Hurry, pre-sale ends 4th June 2019!

Happy cROARcheting! 😀

All photos in this post are courtesy of 

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