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Gilbert the Goat Amigurumi Pattern

I often get confused by the sounds a sheep and a goat make so my daughter would remind me that sheep goes baaah and goats go meeeh. Ah, what would I do without my kids? Of course there’s also google 🙂 I also recently found out that the sound they make is called a bleat.

My newest pattern is Gilbert the Goat which is now available from Etsy and LoveCrafts. Gilbert recently lost his bleat. He’s been feeling sad ever since and the only way to cheer him up is to find a vivid green patch of grass. That’ll do the trick! He’ll bleat immediately from joy.

I wanted to give Gilbert a goatee but he’s a Nubian goat – they’re large, have bell shaped ears but they don’t have a goatee. They also get dehorned at a young age, but I wanted to give him horns because it’s what distinguishes him as a goat. I also designed him originally in a seated position but when I was sewing him together, I wanted to try something a little bit different. I sewed his legs as such that they can pivot back and forth enabling him to stand and sit. It’s a great technique for amigurumi and I will be using it for my future projects.

I particularly like Gilbert’s sweater! I can imagine him living in the Himalayan mountains. He is also the first of my amigurumi collection that’s wearing…….. can you guess? Pants! Most of my amigurumi are only wearing shirts, sweaters or no clothes at all which is kind of funny! Even my daughter noticed he’s wearing pants. Well, I don’t want Gilbert to get cold 🙂

I haven’t encountered many farm animals to be perfectly honest. The most recent time we saw farm animals was during the Sydney Easter show in April last year. There was a big room full of farm animals that you could pet and feed. My kids were given cups of food to feed the animals and my daughter was surrounded by so many sheep and goats! She didn’t mind it at all. She’s an animal lover and hopes to be a veterinarian one day.

You can start making Gilbert the Goat today! Pattern is beginner skill level and available at Etsy and LoveCrafts.

I’d love to see your finished Gilbert the Goat – post a picture on Instagram with #helloyellowyarn (or you can tag me @maryjcarlos) or post on my Facebook page.

Happy crocheting!


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